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 Week 9 IDs

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PostSubject: Week 9 IDs   Week 9 IDs I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 16, 2010 4:28 am

(Thucydides 2.1-65, 70-79)

1. Thirty Years’ Peace: the treaty signed between Athens and Sparta after the conquest of Euboea and only lasted 14 years
2. Thebes: Greek city that attacked Plataea in 431 BC, thus breaking the Thirty Years’ Peace
3. Plataea: city south of Thebes that defeated Thebans in 431 BC and executed the Theban prisoners unlawfully - eventually destroyed in Peloponnesian War by Thebans and Spartans in 427 BC
4. Archidamus: Spartan king who signed the Thirty Years’ Peace treaty with Pericles of Athens in 446 BC; invaded Attica but advocated for a slow, cautious approach to fighting against Athenians
5. Pericles’ funeral oration (2.60): the speech in which Pericles addresses the family members of the Athenians who died in plague; he mentions that the nation of Athens is more important than the individual’s sufferings; the individual is only great because Athens makes him great (idia vs. Demosia)

(Thucydides 3.1-85)

6. Mytilene: city in ancient Greece that tried to revolt from the Athenian empire in 428 BC but was interrupted by Athenian fleet that found out about their plan; but sent secret embassy to Sparta to ask for assistance
7. Asopius: son of Phormio who leads the Athenian fleet around the Peloponnesus while Athens was blockading Mytilene from revolting
8. Salaethus: Spartan who arrived in Mytilene and armed them to break out from besiege and revolt from Athenian empire
9. Alcidas: Spartan admiral who led ships in the Spartan expedition to Mytilene in 427 BC; after Mytilene revolt failed, he rejects proposal to make a surprise attack on Mytilene; also rejected proposal to sieze Ionian city and use it as a way to encourage revolt of Ionia against Athens
10. Paches: Athenian who pursued Alcidas’ fleet but failed to catch him, then captured Notium (the port of Colophon), then reconquered Lesbos in 427
11. Cleon: Athenian demagogue who wanted to kill all Mytilenian men and enslave all women and children as punishment; who says that traitors do not deserve compassion
12. Diodotus: the other Athenian leader who steps up and provides the counterargument to Cleon; to make more reasonable decision so that not all Mytilenians are killed
13. Stasis: internal discord
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Week 9 IDs
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