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 Week 12 IDs (Jess is getting Thuc. 7)

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Week 12 IDs (Jess is getting Thuc. 7)  Empty
PostSubject: Week 12 IDs (Jess is getting Thuc. 7)    Week 12 IDs (Jess is getting Thuc. 7)  I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 16, 2010 4:49 am

BHAG – ch8

Tissaphernes – satrap of sardis; negotiated treaties with Sparta;

Council of four hundered – Athenian assembly voted itself out of existence; placed safety of state in hands of council of 400 which would give way to a body of 5000; believed to be created by Solon.

End of Athens – thanks to alliance between Lysander and cyrus; Lysander was leader of supreme naval power-Spartan navy.

Alcibiadies – leader of Athens during final years before defeat by Sparta

Battle of Arginusae – Impressive naval victory for Athens off the Arginusae islands sinking 75 Peloponnesian ships; aftermath was bizarre self-destruction of Athenian empire.

Final battle – battle at Aegospotami. Last stand of Athens;

Aristophanes, Lysistrata

Play is by Aristophanes – wrote play Lysistrata; not advocate of peace at any price;

Lysistrata – Athenian woman in Aristophanes’ play Lysistrata; leader of revolt of women against men; involved barring them from sex to try and achieve peace;

Calonice, Myrrhine – Athenian women in same play; Lysistrata’s “sidekicks” of a sort;

Lampito – Spartan woman whom they use to help their cause; Aristophanes makes her seem stupider than the rest, less classy? (Implying something about Athens>Sparta maybe?)

Plato, The Apology

Plato – Greek philosopher; student of Socrates – deeply influenced by his thinking and unjust execution; A lot of his accounts of Socrates were just a way for him to express his own thoughts (I remember Prof. Sosin saying this in class please correct me if I’m wrong)

The Apology – defence of Socrates; on trial for execution; unjustly convicted (Acc to Plato)

Socrates – Greek Athenian philosopher; Most of our knowledge about him comes from Plato’s accounts; Put on trial in 399 B.C, when he was 70; was asked to prescribe his own penalty;

Meletos, Anytos, Lycon – accused Socrates of impiety and corrupting young men; reason why he is on trial;
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Week 12 IDs (Jess is getting Thuc. 7)
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