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 week 14 1st half IDs

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PostSubject: week 14 1st half IDs   week 14 1st half IDs I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 16, 2010 6:28 pm

Erastothenes - A member of the 30 Oligarchs. On Trial for the murde3r of Lysias' brother Polemarchus.

The Thirty - A group of oligarchs that ruled for several moths at the end of the 400's.

Lysias - An Athenian speech maker

Alcibiades - An Athenian general who was part of the invasion of Sicily. Was tried and sentenced to death for his possible involvement in the vandalism of the herms and the revelation of the Elusnian Mysteries. He fled to Sparta, and then Negotiated with Athens. Was a student of Socrates

Elusinian Mysteries - Secrets revealed at a ceremony related to a festival in honor of Demeter. Those who learned the secretes were initiated and were said to enjoy a happy afterlife. These mysteries were revealed before the Sicilian Expidition

Andocides - Gave a speech against Alcibiades and his possible involvement in the revelation of the Elusnian Mysteries. Andocides came from a distinguished Athenian family and disapproved of democracy.

Simon - the prosecutor in Lysias 3. Accuses the defendant of wounding with premeditation in a fight over Theodotus, a boy-whore.

Eratosthenes - a man murdered/killed by Euphiletus after being caught committing adultery with Euphiletus' wife.
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week 14 1st half IDs
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