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 Herodotus vs. Thucydides

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PostSubject: Herodotus vs. Thucydides    Herodotus vs. Thucydides  I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 16, 2010 9:25 pm

- he is considered the father of history by many in the modern world
- his subject matter is more widespread and general--many have speculated that he set out to write a history book on various civilizations but got caught up in patriotic zeal and ended up chronicling the war of the Greeks and the Persians, which would explain why his work is so emphasized on foreign civilizations
-he also refers to more "sexy tales"like the one with the queen who had her husband killed because he showed her to his bodyguard while naked
-he makes the subject matter less dry by adding fantastic stories--the egyptian women who pee standing up for example
-gives the audience may different versions and tangents of a story and lets audience choose
- doesnt mention the Gods by name

- he does not use fantastical tales
-does not refer to the fantastical stories of herodotus
-doesnt talk about natural disasters (which Herodotus does) or gender interactions as much as Herodotus
- focuses on the Greeks, no foreigners
-he tells you he is right
-does not mention gods at all--seems very secular--not very religiously devote
-Thucydides is often seen as more analytical since he takes sources apart and chooses argument while Herodotus doesnt judge as much,just hands the different arguments down to the audience
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Herodotus vs. Thucydides
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