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 Elitism in Iliad/Tragedy&Comedy/Oratory

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Elitism in Iliad/Tragedy&Comedy/Oratory Empty
PostSubject: Elitism in Iliad/Tragedy&Comedy/Oratory   Elitism in Iliad/Tragedy&Comedy/Oratory I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 16, 2010 10:10 pm

- Thersites passage--he argues the same things that Achilles argues and yet he is hit over the head with the symbol of order (Agamemnons's scepter) by Odysseus because he is not of noble birth
- Hector's actions are preferred over those of Polydamas even though they are not as wise, because Hector is the Trojan hero
-sacrifice in ritual--must be peaceful act, done by a noble person--Agamemnon insults Achilles by asking him to do this and then calling him the most violent man alive
-Priam comes and assumes the pose of a suppliant to beg for his son's body, Achilles goes through the motions os xenia before giving him the body
- Olympic Games held by Achilles for Patroclus: a noble thing to do
- Thetis (this might be a stretch but it might work) for example endures the hierarchy of the Gods, by obeying Zeus order to marry her to a mortal, which she "endures"

Tragedy/ Comedy
- in Sophocles Antigone: Creon enforces laws (relates to Cleon who says that bad constant laws are better than good but always changing laws), as a noble should
- Antigone buries her brothers, as they should be, because they are noble (also relates to Hector's burial)

-Naera's case: non citizens that use citizen rights are severely penalized, Apollonius the prosecutor attacks Naera by appealing to the pride of the citizens--which are higher class than the low class of non citizens
- in case against Simon the defendant is embarrassed to bring case to court because he doesnt want to show that he is emtoonally (not just sexually attached) to his male prostitute, not right for high class and low class to mix
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Elitism in Iliad/Tragedy&Comedy/Oratory
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