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 Demosthenes 59, Chapter 10, Menander

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Demosthenes 59, Chapter 10, Menander Empty
PostSubject: Demosthenes 59, Chapter 10, Menander   Demosthenes 59, Chapter 10, Menander I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 16, 2010 4:24 pm

Demosthenes 59 (Against Naera) - a public action charging the fraudulent exercise of rights belonging exclusively to Athenian citizens. Athenian citizenship was highly valued by the Athenians for both its practical and symbolic advantages. Pericles' citizenship law of451 restricted citizenship to those born to an Athenian father and mother, whereas the earlier practice recognized as citizens men born to an Athenian father and foreign mother.

Naera: a high end prostitute, hetairai

Apollodorus - Author of speech given in demosthenes 59; famous speech-writer

Macedon - kingdom north of Greece; converted into superpower by Philip II. Sandwiched btw Thessaly on the south and Thrace on the east

Hellenization - incorporation of Greek culture and ideas into Macedonian (and other barbarian) culture; spread of "greek-bess"

Phalanx - Philip created a new phalanx to replace undisciplined militia that had served Macedonian kinds in the past

pezhetairoi - new title for foot soldiers meaning "foot companions" suggesting that they were the king's personal companions

royal companions - nobles in Macedon; their sons became royal pages who served the king and acted as body guards. this system created a loyal base of support for his policies

Theopompus - historian of Philip's reign

Theoric Fund - the name for the fund of monies expended on public works, festivals, sacrifices, and public entertainments of various kinds; and also monies distributed among the people. Eubulus persuaded the people to assign fiscal surpluses to this fund instead of the war fund

Demosthenes - most prominent of Athenian politiians, gave speeches agaisnt Philip (Philippics)

Battle of Chaeronea - Macedonians defeated Greeks and led to Macedonian domination of Greece; 338

Aristotle - Greek philosopher; tutor to Alexander

Corinthian League: New order of Greece; maintain the common peace in Greece and to avenge the Persian aggression agains the Greeks; Philip appointed leader of the alliance and commander of the war against Persia

Isocrates - argued that the solution to Greece's problems was conquering a portion of of the Persian Empire to which economically deprived and potentially dangerous segments of Greek society could emigrate

Pausanias - member of Philip's body guard; assassin who killed Philip

Olympias - Philip's fourth wife and mother of his heir, Alexander

Cleopatra - new wife of Philip, Macedonian, could have threatened Alexander's legitimacy

Menander - a founder of new comedy, wrote the Grouch, wrote about universal topics, not dangerous, happily ever after
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Demosthenes 59, Chapter 10, Menander
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